Readability Counts

Whether you're pro-code-comments or against them, a lover of tabs or defender of spaces, none of that matters if your code is painful to grok. And there are many reasons to write the most readable code you can manage.

  • The business-oriented reason: readable code makes for easier maintenance and codebase extension.
  • The pro developer reason: beautiful code and readable code go hand in hand.
  • The team-player reason: your colleagues are going to have to maintain it and you want to make it easier for them.
  • The selfish reason: you're gonna have to maintain it and – at 3am on a Saturday in six months' time – you don't want to be solving a murder-mystery, least of all one you made yourself.

The maxim 'Readability Counts' is taken from the Zen of Python, by Tim Peters.

A1 size (841mm x 594mm), printed on 250gsm matt-finished art paper

10% of the sale price of this poster goes to the Python Software Foundation