Do you have more designs? We've launched with just a few, to test the water (MVP and all that), but – yes – we have more designs in the works. If you follow us on Twitter, or sign up to the mailing list (see the box in the footer), we'll ping everyone each time a new batch of designs becomes available.

I can't see where/how to buy! Every poster in stock has a 'Buy now' button on the detail page. If you don't see it, please check if any ad-blocker or tracking blocker (eg Privacy Badger) is stopping things from Shopify. Please whitelist Shopfiy (even temporarily if you prefer) to see the buttons.

How can I pay? We accept payment online, via credit or debit card. We use Shopify Payments, which in turn is handled by Stripe's trusted card processing.

Do you ship internationally? Yes, we do. Posters are printed, packed and shipped from the UK to anywhere in the world.

However, we don't cover or pre-pay any potential import duties — we're just a small side-project business. If import/customs duties apply to posters where you live, you will have to pay these in addition to the purchase and shipping costs.

How much is shipping? It turns out that poster tubes are not as easy to ship as you might think! Nevertheless, we try hard to keep our shipping costs down. At the moment, UK delivery is £5.50 and international is £14.00 - with tracking for either type costing a small amount more.

Also, we've set our pricing based on weight, so you can get up to three posters in one shipping tube without squeezing them too much. And if you spend more than £60 with us, we'll ship it all for free anyway.

How long do things take to arrive? We're pretty new to this, but we'll aim to get any orders into the post within two business days. After that it'll be down to the postal service: UK orders should get there in 3 days; international orders 7 days, but if an order is urgent, drop us a line beforehand and we'll give you a clearer answer.

Erm, how do I get my posters out of the tube? Because the paper we print on is relatively thick, you might find that after a long trip in the mail, your posters are pretty wedged into the tube.

You should be able to gently tease them out by carefully moving a corner or edge towards the centre of the tube to release the tension. (If you have more than one poster in the tube, remember to treat them all as one and move all the overlapping corners.)

Alternatively, you could just unpeel the cardboard tube itself and throw it in the recycling when your posters have been freed.

Once you get your lovely posters out, if you're not planning to frame them, we recommend leaving them relax for 12-24hrs face-down on a clean, dry(!) table to counteract any subtle curl the transit tube might have given them.

Do you accept returns? If a poster is defective due to a printing error, we'll replace those free of charge. Get in touch right away and we'll sort you out.

If you've changed your mind and your posters are still in box-fresh condition (well, tube-fresh), we'll refund the purchase price and the original shipping costs, though not any return shipping costs - we'll ask you to cover that bit. Contact us for a chat.

Your site doesn't run HTTPS. Why should I trust you with my credit card details? You don't have to — just trust the eminently excellent Shopify and its 'Buy Button' feature. It powers our ecommerce buttons and cart, and all transactions happen on their secure servers.